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Defend Against The Storm

Tornadoes, hurricanes, downbursts and other violent weather can produce winds in excess of 250mph, turning items like cars and trees into deadly projectiles and propelling them distances in excess of 100 yards. StormDefend™ Storm Shelters and Storm Shelter Doors & Windows from Protective Structures will protect both life and property from the violent forces of destructive storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes and extreme weather.

StormDefend™ Residential Storm Shelters are above ground, modular tornado shelters that meet or exceed the FEMA 320/361 guidelines and have undergone extensive impact testing at Texas Tech University. Whether constructing a new home or retrofitting into an existing residence, StormDefend™ tornado shelters offer proven strength and durability, allowing you and your family protection from the storm in the comfort of your own home. Select from a variety of sizes and designs to install in a garage, basement, interior or exterior concrete slab. Below ground units are also available for installation close to the home.

The StormDefend™ Community Shelters and shelter components are tested in compliance with FEMA 361-2008 and ICC-500 guidelines to the maximum 250 mph wind zone protection. Protective Structures provides full tornado shelter assemblies, as well as steel tornado shelter doors, FEMA 361 full vision doors and windows. Contact us today for assistance with your residential or community storm shelter project.

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