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Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes!

Protective Structures has partnered with TruPrep – the Preparedness Company! Our retail store and showroom in Jasper, Georgia is now open to the public and stocked full of food and water supplies, storage containers, canning equipment, instructional booklets, sustainable living products, and much more! We will provide you the peace of mind, tools and knowledge necessary to prepare for and survive emergency situations or live a more self-sustainable life.

Do you have enough clean water for drinking and sanitation to withstand the next snow storm? How about the knowledge and supplies to survive a week without electricity? Do not allow your family to suffer through the next disaster, whether the cause be extreme weather, electrical outages civil unrest, or zombie attack! Learning how to become prepared can be fun! Our skilled staff is available to assist you in creating your personal emergency preparedness plan and will offer guidance on the essential items needed to begin your own survival supply.

Please come shop with us Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm at 35 South Main Street, Jasper, Georgia 30413 or visit TruPrep’s Online Catalog anytime!

Welcome TruPrep!

Welcome TruPrep!