Protective Structures, Ltd. offers a wide and comprehensive range of security and safety products including storm shelters, safe rooms, bullet resistant fiberglass, bullet resistant glass & glazing, transaction products, and security doors & windows.

Targeting both residential and commercial markets, we also offer a wide selection of survival products and safe room display models at our retail storefront and showroom in Jasper, GA.

With hundreds of security products and supplies in our catalog, we believe we can offer a bullet resistant or preparedness solution for any client, in any application, no matter the requirement.


stormdefendStormDefend™ Storm Shelters, Doors & Windows

Tornadoes, hurricanes, downbursts and other violent weather can produce winds in excess of 250mph, turning items like cars and trees into deadly projectiles and propelling them distances in excess of 100 yards. … Continue Reading »

safechangeSafeChange™ Bullet Resistant Transaction Products

SafeChange™ Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows & Accessories from Protective Structures, Ltd. are custom fabricated and are comprised of UL listed components. Adhering to UL-752 standards, our SafeChange™ …
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BulletBlockBulletBlock™ Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows

BulletBlock™ Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows from Protective Structures, Ltd. are custom-built protective security doors and transparent window systems for both interior and exterior applications. These systems …
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ShotShield™ Bullet Resistant Glass & GlazingShotShield™ Bullet Resistant Glass & Glazing

ShotShield™ Bullet Resistant Glass and Glazing are tested, listed and labeled in accordance with the UL-752 specifications for bullet resistance. The end-user, glazer and general contractor will be pleased with …
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LifeLocker™ Secure Safe RoomsLifeLocker™ Secure Safe Rooms

LIfeLocker™ Secure Safe Rooms by Protective Structures include protective residential and corporate safe rooms, as well as survival bunkers with new products in development every day! From ballistic, blast or …
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SecureAll™ Bullet Resistant FiberglassSecureAll™ Bullet Resistant Fiberglass

SecureAll™ bullet resistant fiberglass by Protective Structures is tested, listed and labeled in accordance with the UL-752 standards for bullet resistant materials. Our bullet resistant panels are created using a …
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