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Secure Transactions with SafeChange™

SafeChange™ Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows & Accessories from Protective Structures, Ltd. are custom fabricated and are comprised of UL listed components.

Adhering to UL-752 standards, our SafeChange™ Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows are suitable for a variety of bullet proofing applications in financial institutions, check cashing counters, pharmacies, and fast food services counters. Our standard transaction windows are available with U-channels, stainless steel recessed deal trays, and plastic laminate or stainless steel counter tops.

The U-channels of our transaction windows are available in a variety of thicknesses for accommodating glazing materials such as polycarbonate, glass-clad polycarbonate, acrylic, or laminated glass. For enabling natural sound transmission, our transaction windows feature rectangular, circular, arched, horizontal, or vertical voice ports. We also specialize in manufacturing transaction windows with voice surround options.

Standard interior transaction windows are ballistic capture, three-sided framed units with a ballistic lined, plastic laminate finished counter top with an integral non-ricochet deal tray.

For exterior applications, Protective Structures, Ltd. offers the ballistic lined counter with a stainless steel finish and a closable voice port or deal drawer to prevent intrusion from extreme weather or pollution.

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