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Competitive Pricing & Quick Turn-Around

ShotShield™ Bullet Resistant Glass and Glazing are tested, listed and labeled in accordance with the UL-752 specifications for bullet resistance.

The end-user, glazer and general contractor will be pleased with our competitive pricing and quick turn-around times making ShotShield™ the perfect choice for all of your bullet resistant glass and glazing needs.

Bullet resistant glass and glazing products from Protective Structures, Ltd. are offered in a number of transparency types, including bullet resistant acrylic, bullet resistant glass-clad polycarbonate, bullet resistant laminated glass and bullet resistant polycarbonate.

ShotShield™ is offered exclusively through Protective Structures, Ltd. and can be used in a wide variety of applications where bullet resistant glazing or bullet proof glass is required. Such applications include door windows, transaction windows, bandit barriers, exterior drive-thru windows and many other interior and exterior bullet resistant applications.

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