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StormCloset Above Ground Residential Tornado Shelter

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StormDefend™ StormCloset

The safest place for you to seek shelter during a storm is right in your home. The StormDefend™ StormCloset from Protective Structures is a patented, U.S.A. factory manufactured, above-ground tornado shelter for your home or garage.

StormCloset At A Glance

  • Engineer approved to FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500
  • Tested protection for up to an EF-5 (250 mph) tornado
  • Securely anchored to 4 inch thick concrete floor slabs
  • Comes with all vents, a tested FEMA 361 tornado door, frame and hardware

How It Works

stormdefend-stormcloset-interior2The StormDefend™ StormCloset meets the requirements of of FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 guidelines as well as ICC-500 and ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. Additionally, it has passed testing at the Wind Science & Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech for missile impact resistance for up to EF-5 (250 mph) tornado velocities. This unique design was developed as a fully functional, dual purpose interior room within the home, allowing for drywall inside and outside of the structure and finished out to look like any other room in the residence.

Door & Door Hardware

stormdefend-stormcloset-door-handleThe StormDefend™ StormCloset includes an architectural, FEMA 320/361 & ICC-500 compliant steel door which can be placed on any wall of the shelter based on customer requirements. This reinforced door has undergone extensive pressure and impact testing for inward and outward swings.
Customers can select from two sizes, 2’-8” wide or 3’-0” wide (meets handicap codes and ADA requirements). Each tornado door is furnished with three ball bearing, heavy duty hinges with non-removable pins and FEMA compliant, multi-point locking devices for superior protection

Protected Air Vents

Ventilation is achieved in the StormDefend™ StormCloset using two air vent ducts welded as part of the roof construction to prevent breathing issues and balance the atmospheric pressure.

Superior Anchoring System

stormdefend-stormcloset-floor-boltThe StormDefend™ StormCloset can be anchored to a minimum 4″ thick reinforced concrete slab on the interior or exterior of the home. Each unit is predrilled to accept threaded masonry anchors at every 4 inches of the shelter footprint, as well as ½ inch expansion anchors at each corner and either side of the door. This superior anchoring system prevents any connector from being stressed to greater than 60% of its pullout capacity during 250 mph winds.

Product Downloads

Model Chart

Product Options

Six standard models

  • SC100: 4’6”W x 7’8”H
  • SC120: 5’2”W x 7’8”H
  • SC140: 5’10”W x 7’8”H
  • SC160: 6’6”W x 7’8”H
  • SC180: 7’2”W x 7’8”H
  • SC200: 7’10”W x 7’8”H

Available lengths

  • 4’6″, 5’2″, 6’6″, 7’2″ and 7’10″

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