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Steel FEMA Shelter Door

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Steel FEMA 320, 361 Tornado Shelter Doors

The StormDefend™ SD-RMF5 steel FEMA tornado shelter door system from Protective Structures provides optimal storm protection using innovative design features and is easily incorporated into any tornado shelter project. The StormDefend™ tornado shelter doors are tested, listed and labeled in accordance with FEMA 320/FEMA 361 and ICC-500 guidelines.

For residential storm shelter applications, the SD-RMF5 FEMA 320 door includes a 14 gauge steel frame, a 3-point locking system with simultaneous locking of all bolts using a single interior thumb lever or exterior keyed cylinder, heavy weight ball bearing hinges, a cylindrical lever set used for latching. FEMA 320 doors typically swing into the storm shelter and are available in a variety of sizes up to 4/0 x 9/0.

Commercial storm shelters require entrances be protected with FEMA 361 doors. These doors are tested in the same manner as the FEMA 320 door; however, the locking device is typically required to offer single motion egress using an integral lever trim. StormDefend™ SD-RMF5 FEMA 361 doors include a 14 gauge steel, welded frame assembly, hinges and a Securitech multi-point locking system allowing for single motion locking and single motion egress out of the storm shelter. Electrified and panic devices are also available for use on FEMA 361 doors. The SD-RMF5 community shelter door systems are available in sizes up to 4/0 x 9/0 for singles and 8/0 x 9/0 for pairs.

Steel FEMA Door At A Glance

  • 14 Gauge Construction provides easy access for all ages
  • Continuously LASER Welded Edges
  • Multi-Point Locking with Single Motion
  • Tested to ICC-500 / FEMA 320/361
  • Increased Size Availability up to 4/0 x 9/0 (single) 8/0 x 9/0 (pair)

How It Works

Among the most important aspects of any storm shelter is the protective door system. The StormDefend™ FEMA door assembly offers proven protection against winds and flying debris of up to 250 mph as tested by Intertek, meeting the FEMA 320/361 standards for tornado resistance.

06-28-13-bmd-tornado-doors2Each assembly is clearly labeled with FEMA 320/361, insuring compliance. WARNING: Be weary of manufacturers who offer FEMA “compliance” without the label! The label is granted only to those who have proven test results meeting the stringent FEMA standards. No shortcuts should be taken when selecting a shelter door.

StormDefend™ doors are provided with the most dependable locking mechanisms available. Standard locks will not stand up to the brute wind and projectile forces created by a windstorm. In an emergency situation, it is imperative that you are able to access the safe room quickly and activate the locking system immediately! For this reason, our StormDefend door assemblies come complete with a Securitech® Multi-point locking system, tested at Texas Tech University to the FEMA standards for protection against Tornadoes and Extreme Wind Loads.

06-28-13-bmd-tornado-doors3Offering both lock and hinge side bolting, each Securitech® Windstorm lock offers single motion locking with use of a thumb turn on the interior of the door. Various functions are available, including single motion egress, fire ratings and ADA compliance for doors swinging into or out of the shelter. When dependable locking is in a necessity, Securitech® is the solution.

No matter the application, be it residential or commercial, the StormDefend™ Tornado Door assembly offers proven results you can depend on to protect you and your loved ones from the storm.

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Product Features

  • Meets FEMA 320/361 standards for tornado resistance
  • Most dependable locking mechanisms available
  • Securitech® Windstorm multi-point locking system
  • Lock and hinge side bolting
  • Single motion egress, fire ratings and ADA compliance

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