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Refuge Series Below Ground Residential Tornado Shelter

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StormDefend™ Refuge Series

The StormDefend™ Refuge provides below ground protection for use during destructive tornadoes, hurricanes and violent windstorms. The Refuge can also be customized for long term storage of food and water supply or as a survival bunker for extreme situations.

Refuge Series At A Glance

  • Double Welded and Pressure Tested at 4200 PSI
  • Dome Shape Offers Optimal Strength
  • ¼" Steel Reinforcements Throughout
  • Coated and Sealed with Cold Tar Epoxy
  • Benches and Corner Shelf Included
  • Threaded Coupler for Electric and/or Cable
  • Roof is Buried 18" Below Surface
  • Sizes Range from 5'x6' to over 20' in Length
  • Custom Options Available

How It Works

Built with quality, precision and heavy gauge steel construction, the StormDefend™ Refuge is one of the strongest units currently available and offers proven protection for families when there is no time to spare!

Why not concrete?

stormdefend_refuge_detailConcrete shelters can be built at an affordable price but offer serious vulnerabilities and maintenance issues. Concrete absorbs moisture, causing mildew and mold, and is prone to cracking and leaking due to ground shifts. Humidity causes soil to expand and contract at different rates, also causing concrete shelters to crack. Above ground units offer many of the same issues, such as mold, mildew and cracking.

Why not fiberglass?

stormdefend_refuge_cornerFiberglass shelters are typically more expensive compared to the same sized steel structure and are prone to cracking and leaking. With shifts in the ground, fiberglass does not offer enough strength and cracks lead to mildew and mold, as well as severe maintenance issues. The exposed portion of fiberglass shelters can deteriorate due to UV rays and can even begin to rot due to moisture.

Why steel?

Steel offers the most durability and strength when you need it most. Steel will not crack or collapse, as it expands and contracts with shifts in the ground. Steel shelters do not have mold or mildew issues and are the most dependable below ground structures available.

Product Features

Standard Features

  • Single Entrance with 14ga Door and Multi-Point Locking
  • Stairway with Reflective Traction Tape Offset from Shelter
  • Single Hand Rail
  • Bench Seating
  • Turban Vent with Steel Reinforcements
  • Corner Shelf
  • Two Couplers for Electrical/Cable
  • 18" Below Ground (from top of cabin to door)
  • Coating/Paint Inside & Out

Product Options

Standard Models

  • Refuge SD30: 5' x 6' x 6'-5"
  • Refuge SD48: 6' x 8' x 6'-5"
  • Refuge SD60: 6' x 10' x 6'-5"
  • Refuge SD72: 6' x 12' x 6'-5"
  • Refuge SD160: 8' x 20' x 8'

Model Options

  • Flush Mount Door Frame for Installation Under Slab (new construction)
  • Additional Entrance and Stairway
  • Additional and Custom Ventilation
  • Extra Hand Rail
  • Heavier Gauge Door & Locking Options
  • Escape Hatch
  • Additional Shelving
  • Custom Options

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