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Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate

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UL752 Polycarbonite

ShotShield™ Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate from Protective Structures, Ltd. is the highest quality bullet resistant polycarbonate in the industry, is manufactured to high tolerances without ripples or waves, and is a non-ricochet material.

Polycarbonate At A Glance

  • UL752 listed for Levels 1-3
  • Manufactured to high tolerances without distortion
  • Non-Spalling and Non-Richocet
  • Ideal for use with security cameras

How It Works

full_shotshield-polycarbonateWhen fired upon, this product will not ricochet the bullet or any bullet fragments. The bullet is captured entirely within the polycarbonate.

Secondly, bullet resistant polycarbonate is non-spalling . Spalling occurs when a material is fired upon and small fragments of that material become airborne, thus causing possible harm itself.

Finally, bullet resistant polycarbonate has a slightly grayish tint / no glare quality which make it highly desirable when being used in conjunction with security cameras.

Bullet resistant polycarbonate is available in UL-752 Levels 1-3 and can also be clad with glass for use with exterior applications or where scratch resistance is of concern.

Product Specifications

Product Options

Standard Sizes

  • 38" x 96" Standard Size
  • 48" x 96" Standard Size
  • 60" x 96" Standard Size
  • 48" x 60" Standard Size
  • 48" x 72" Standard Size
  • Custom-cut upon request

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