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Bullet Resistant Acrylic

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UL752 Acrylic

ShotShield™ Bullet Resistant Acrylic from Protective Structures, Ltd. is one of the most commonly used bullet resistant plastics. This product is most easily recognized by its clarity and is used in the majority of check cashing and convenience store locations.

Acrylic At A Glance

  • UL752 listed for Levels 1-3
  • One of the most commonly used bullet resistant plastics
  • Ideal for interior windows
  • Up to 35% cheaper than polycarbonate
  • Up to 30% cheaper than laminated glass
  • Multiple sizes available

How It Works

full_shotshield-acrylicBullet resistant acrylic is also the most economical solution when seeking protection from small arms or handguns. On average, bullet resistant acrylic can be 35% cheaper than polycarbonate and 30% cheaper than laminated glass (prices of bullet resistant acrylic may vary depending on whether a scratch resistant coating is requested).

Bullet resistant acrylic is typically used on interior windows that are not exposed to outside or exterior elements.

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Standard Sizes

  • 4' x 6' Standard Size
  • 4' x 8' Standard Size
  • 5' x 6' Standard Size
  • 5' x 8' Standard Size
  • Custom-cut upon request

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