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Bullet Resistant Hollow Metal Door

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Hollow Metal Door

With a primed gray finish, ballistic capture frame, roton continuous hinge and specified hardware, our BulletBlock™ hollow metal door assemblies are custom built to the client’s specified sizes and are shipped pre-hung.

Hollow Metal Door At A Glance

  • UL-listed Levels 1–8
  • Features SecureAll™ Panels at it's core
  • UL-listed view lites up to 20" x 30"
  • Shipped pre-hung
  • Primed gray finish
  • Includes ballistic-capture aluminum frame
  • Can be prepared for custom hardware

How It Works

full_bulletblock-door-metalAt the core of our hollow metal doors and frames is a layer of our UL Listed Bullet Resistant Fiberglass, available in UL 752 levels 1 – 8, which creates a superior bullet resistant door that sets us apart from the competition.

All bullet resistant hollow metal doors from Protective Structures, Ltd. can be ordered with viewports up to 20″W x 30″H to meet your specifications. We use UL listed glazing for all door viewports in order to provide optimal protection.

The Hollow Metal Door Door is priced with the standard Steel Hollow Metal C-Shape Door Frame, however, the Aluminum and Steel Hollow Metal Telescoping Door Frame can be priced upon request.

The Hollow Metal Door Door is provided with the 780-054HD Roton Continuous Half-Surface Hinge – no exceptions. We can provide the additional hardware listed in the options below or prepare the door for hardware provided by others.

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  • Primed gray finish

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