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Bullet Resistant Windows & Frames

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Fixed Windows & Frames

BulletBlock™ bullet resistant windows & window frames are manufactured using the highest quality UL listed components meeting the UL752 Standards for bullet resistant materials.

Fixed Windows & Frames At A Glance

  • UL-listed Levels 1–8
  • Features ShotShield™ Transparencies
  • Multiple ballistic-capture frame options

How It Works

slider_bulletblock-windowOur fixed windows are available in UL-752 levels 1 to 8 and are custom built to exceed your requirements and expectations.

Our ballistic capture window frames will capture a projectile if fired along the outer edges of the transparency where the window is most vulnerable to penetration and will not allow ricochet.

Product Specifications

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Product Options

Window Frame Options

  • BulletBlock™ Stainless Steel Window Frame
  • BulletBlock™ Telescoping Hollow Metal Window Frame
  • BulletBlock™ C-Shape Hollow Metal Window Frame
  • BulletBlock™ Capture Aluminum Window Frame

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