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Tornadoes Beware – School Protection on the Rise!

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Protective Structures Providing FEMA Shelters & Products Across The Country

11 Feb 2014

Throughout the past year, Protective Structures has received increased requests for tornado protection in schools throughout the country. After the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th of 2013, several school boards have implemented improved safety regulations and requirements for safe rooms in both public and private institutions.

The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, among many others, is in discussions to implement a new policy requiring all new schools, and possibly even existing schools, to build safe rooms. With innovative designs, the school shelters can serve as a dual purpose safe room and library, as displayed in Lindbergh Elementary and Mitchell Elementary in north and east Tulsa. Protective Structures is PROUD to be supplying the FEMA 361 tornado and impact resistant windows and full vision doors for both school library safe room projects!

Another great example can be seen in Henry County, Tennessee. At least three schools in Henry County will be retrofitted for a state-of-the-art, tornado shelter manufactured by Remagen Safe Rooms. The projects consist of converting the main interior corridor into the protected shelter, with tornado shelter doors installed within each classroom door opening. Lakewood Elementary in Buchanan was the first to complete this project in August of 2013, with two additional school shelter installations occurring this coming summer. Protective Structures is proud to be an authorized dealer for Remagen’s shelters and look forward to beginning projects in our home state of Georgia in the near future!

Granted, there are various issues at hand that threaten students throughout the country. Not all threats are foreseeable or realistically preventable, and there are certainly no guarantees; however, there is much that can be done to protect innocent lives from extreme weather. While many school systems have jumped on board, many have yet to receive funding for these important projects. Please, write your local school board and congressman and let them know that every child deserves protection from preventable disaster.

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